Music Video: Louisville Lip by Dean Owens

I met Dean Owens at the Albino Skunk Music Festival in South Carolina while on tour with my band The Two Tracks. We had a mutual friend Viola Krouse there, and also a mutual connection in working with Will Kimbrough. We stayed in touch and worked out a joint tour with him in our neck of the woods for the following year. While he was visiting Sheridan we stopped into our local culture spot - Q-mans Music, and the Two-bit Swap Shop on the north end of town, and Dean was excited to discover there was a small boxing facility in the back where Cody Quarterman helps train local boxers. Dean used to box regularly growing up and had written this song in honor of Muhammad Ali so we decided to run back and grab his guitar and my camera, and microphone, and record a quick acoustic session in the back. I love capturing live music videos in unique and interesting environments, and love how this one worked out.

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