cover of the 2024 Baja Tide Calendar

Baja Tide Calendars

For over twenty years now I've taken annual trips down the Baja Peninsula. Some winters involved long multi-month stays, or trips the length of the peninsula. More recently I embark on two week trips every winter with my family, always looking for places I haven't been to before, and spending a chunk of time at the place I have down there. As the photographs pile up I really don't have anywhere else to put them except into this calendar. Perhaps someday there will be a book. Maybe I'll put together the 10th anniversary Baja Calendar Book in 2025? Should I? What do you think?

Anyways, it's always fun picking out these photos for the calendar. I swear there aren't enough months in the year to fit all the photos I want to put in every year. There's always a few left in the folder to start off next years selection process.

Above all, Baja is a very special place and I have the utmost respect and admiration for the people that call the peninsula home - from the ranchers living off the land deep in the mountains, to the fishing cooperatives spread along the coast. It is a step back in time for many of us visitors, yet it is the present moment for those living there calling it home, and I know that life there is a challenge. No captions are given to protect the sense of discovery that is Baja's very identity for so many of us. I hope you enjoy your calendar!         

2024 is the 9th edition of the calendar.