Music Video: The Weather She Breaks by Sweetwater String Band

Up until I made this music video, I'd edited and released a couple ski films, and a variety of other home video edits of footage from trips and adventures. I'd worked in Final Cut Pro for a couple years, and put together some interview type pieces for a local photographer. I have always loved editing footage to music. So the idea of making a music video for my band seemed like the right thing to do, but I wasn't quite sure if I'd be able to pull of the syncing of all the footage and make it work. Also my license for Final Cut had expired, and I hadn't yet signed up for the Adobe Creative Suite, so I put this particular music video together using VideoPad or something, a free program that I downloaded. What makes this movie of course, is the location and the light. We were on tour on the Oregon Coast, and had time to kill and pulled up to this beach. The mandolin player Scott Roberts suggested we put our suits on and head out there for a photo, and I said well, if we're going to do that, maybe we should just try to shoot a video. So with his phone blasting the studio track as loudly as possible (which it was still inaudible once we started playing along) I setup my tripod, hit record and then ran in to play in each scene. Hence the running in footage and running out footage. Years later, I'm still happy with the result. Such and incredible beach.

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