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Photography for me has always been about adventure first, photos second. I started bringing my camera with me on the trail back in 1999 and haven't stopped. It goes with me everywhere and captures anything that catches my eye - unique light, a place, a glance, a tiny detail. I've been fortunate to get the chance to travel to very remote places like Tibet, and the deepest trailless reaches of the Sierra Nevada backcountry. I've explored the remote coastline of the Baja Penninsula, traveled to China, and documented a 10 day trip aboard a cruise through the Netherlands, tagging on a visit to Paris, Brussels, and England. I've spent an enormous amount of time traversing the United States in a car as a traveling musician, stopping to photograph landscapes along the roadside, and fellow musicians at festivals where we arrive. I've also been asked to document a few friends weddings, and enjoy operating as a low-key, fly on the wall photographer for special events like that. I love capturing candid moments it seems. The candid, unexpected storms of Mother Nature, and the sparkling eyes of laughter amongst friends. I hope you'll consider browsing my online gallery via the button below, and consider adding a print to your walls, or shoot me an email if you're interested in discussing a photography project, wedding, or special event.

Dead Horses photo shoot

Dead Horses photo shoot, 2016.

"To photograph truthfully and effectively is to see beneath the surfaces and record the qualities of nature and humanity which live or are latent in all things.

Ansel Adams
Jon Carlton snowboarding Mt. Ritter

Jon Carlton on Mt. Ritter

Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

Joe Craven on fiddle, Jo Henley in the background Festival

Joe Craven at Millpond Music Festival