Baja Tide Calendar 2019

Baja Tide Calendar Baja Tide Calendar

Hey folks, I'm so excited to announce the 4th edition of my Baja Tide Calendar for 2019. It's always an exciting time for me to dig through my old slides, as well as recent hard drives full of images from Baja. For newcomers, I've been traveling to Baja on a yearly basis since 2003. Many of the trips have been a month or significantly longer. Not just surfing based, the trips have spanned outward to encompass both sides of the Peninsula, from border to the tip, as well as the interior mountains via rugged and lonely dirt roads, and even a backpack trip from coast to coast. The hardest part for me every year is deciding which images to choose. I usually have 2 or 3 calendars worth of images spanning as far back as my first trip to Baja and up to my most recent trip, and have to decide amongst them each year. As always, no locations or captions are given because I care strongly about protecting a level of anonymity for these places. The people depicted generally can tell if it's them, and that's good enough for me and I hope it is for you. The tides presented are standard tides for Southern California prepared by TideLines, with an adjustment chart in the back that allows the calendar to be useful for anyone in California and Baja. Most editions are limited to 50 - 100 copies, so please order now to ensure you get them before they sell out. I've included a few low-res previews of some of this years images below. With 2 weeks production time, and shipping, expect calendars to arrive to you by mid December, yes before Christmas, they make great gifts!! If you have any questions please send me an email. Thanks so much for your support!

Baja Tide Calendar Baja Tide Calendar Baja Tide Calendar Baja Tide Calendar back of beyond photo & design, david huebner