Baja Tide Calendar 2020

Baja Tide Calendar Baja Tide Calendar

I'm very excited to publish the 5th edition of my Baja Tide Calendar for 2020. I love digging through images from my Baja trips, and as the years go on, I've begun to accumulate a healthy pile of "contenders", even as new images consistenly step to the forefront. It's so hard to decide on which image makes the cut, but it's fun to think that this will be a long process, drawn out over the years, and perhaps something that I can turn into a book someday, as most of these images have a story that comes with them. For newcomers, I've been traveling to Baja on a yearly basis since 2003. Many of the trips have been a month or significantly longer. Not just surfing based, the trips have spanned outward to encompass both sides of the Peninsula, from border to the tip, as well as the interior mountains via rugged and lonely dirt roads, and even a backpack trip from coast to coast. As always, no locations or captions are given because I care strongly about protecting some level of anonymity for these places. The people depicted generally can tell if it's them, and that's good enough for me and I hope it is for you. This year, I'm offering the calendars directly through the printing company, so the tides are customizable to a variety of different US regions if desired, but if you'd like the same "Baja tides" as years past, then order the San Diego California tide chart, and I'd also recommend the full page printing format. The benefit of direct ordering is a faster production turnaround, and less overhead for me, so I hope you appreciate that, and share the link with any interested Baja-loving folks. Thank you!

Baja Tide Calendar Baja Tide Calendar Baja Tide Calendar Baja Tide Calendar back of beyond photo & design, david huebner