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David Huebner

Back of Beyond was a name I gave my photography work many years ago in honor of a phrase by the late Alan Bard, a ski guide and climber from the Eastern Sierra that liked to refer to the remote regions of the backcountry as the Back of Beyond... Originally from Los Angeles, I've spent the bulk of my life in small towns and rural communities, first in the Eastern Sierra of California and now in Sheridan, Wyoming. Over the years I've developed lots of creative passions including photography, videography, graphic design, journalism, songwriting,and live music performance. I've founded and toured with multiple bands, and am currently in a touring Americana group called The Two Tracks based in Sheridan, WY. Over the years I've produced full color brochures, simple menus, logos, show posters, social media content and marketing, videos and freelance video editing, website design and hosting, wedding photography and original instrumental soundtracks. I currently use a professional Canon DSLR (5D MkIII), own the Adobe Creative Suite, and am fluent in most aspects of graphic media production while also maintaining a regular live music performance schedule as a cellist, singer and electric guitar player. - David Huebner

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